When A Good Person Makes A Big Mistake...

I BELIEVE THAT IN THE SHOCK OF THE MOMENT, THE DRIVER FREAKED OUT, SPED OFF, AND WISHES HE/SHE COULD HAVE MADE A DIFFERENT CHOICE.   I believe a compassionate and healing resolution is possible.  Forgiveness and tikkun are a given. 


1.  No Jail Time – The reality of the justice system is that with the overload of cases in the District Attorney’s office and the overcrowding of jails, there would be no jail time.

2.  Resolution through a civil compromise or alternative sentencing like community service

3.  Auto Insurance will compensate the victim for medical bills, loss of income, and pain & suffering

4. The Victim Is Doing Really Well! Miraculously, despite PTSD, the victim has nearly fully recovered. That means the driver has simply caused accidental injury - that's it.



A reward of $25,000 is available from the LAPD to community members who provide information leading to the offender's identification, apprehension, and conviction or resolution through a civil compromise.

GOT INFO? Call: (424) 261-4472  Email: HitAndRun90035@gmail.com 


Call: (424) 261-4472 Email: hitandrun90035@gmail.com 

The Video

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What Happened:


On March 9, 2018, on Shabbat at 7:25 p.m., a Pico-Robertson resident took one step off the curb at the corner of Livonia and Pickford. 

A driver of a silver/gray metallic Honda CRV, driving southbound on Livonia, ran the stop, made a hard left and struck the victim.

The victim was thrown nearly THIRTY FEET, left near-death, unconscious and gushing blood in the middle of the street. As you can see in this video, the driver stopped for 20 seconds, and then sped away. 

A witness who saw the driver run the stop sign heard the loud noise, knew a pedestrian had been struck. He pulled over, called 911, and went running to the scene.

At this moment, the driver had stopped the car and opened the drivers side door. The witness thought the driver was staying and did not get the license plate. He ran past the parked car to the victim where he stayed until the fire department arrived. 

The witness thinks the license plate begins with an “8”.  

The witness thought the first three letters had vertical lines (like W,Y,M, etc) and not rounded letters (like C, D, O, S, etc.)  

Despite sustaining numerous breaks, fractures and severe bruises head-to-toe and extreme PTSD, miraculously, the victim expects a full recovery.  B"H